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Tali Friedman, a chef with deep roots in Jerusalem, studied and attended programs at the kitchens of master chefs, and graduated from the Hadassah College and the elite LeNotre School in Paris. After working for many years in the profession, Tali decided to dedicate herself to her true passion – culinary tours of Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market. In 2009, Tali established her Atelier in a charming studio apartment in the heart of the market.

Tour and seminar:

The tour with Tali is conducted in the Mahane Yehuda market and participants enjoy the in-season market produce that stall vendors have to offer for the day.  During the market tour we shop for the groceries required for the cooking seminar at the Atelier. First, we explore the various stands and taste the produce of the market and the menu is created together with the participants. At the butcher's we discuss the different body parts of the cow and how to cook them. We then jump between the turmeric flowers and the vanilla sticks and taste oils, cereal mixtures and spices. At the fishmonger's we learn to tell when the fish is fresh. At Basher Fromagerie's stand we experience the flavor of some of the world's most famous cheeses from Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and more.

After the tour, Tali and the group enter the Atelier for a unique culinary experience. The group is divided into to sub-groups, with each entrusted with a different part of the menu. With Tali's guidance, the participants do all the cooking using the raw materials just purchased, and then savor the delicious multi-course meal they helped prepare.
The gala meal may be served in the Atelier itself, or while enjoying the delightful Jerusalem breeze on its roof terrace while enjoying a typical view of Jerusalem - market rooftops, Nachlaot, the Knesset and of-course, the main street of Mahane Yehuda market.

החרוב 14 , ירושלים.
טלפון: 053-8094872
אי-מייל: tali@haatelie.com
שעות פתיחה:
יום ב' - יום ה' 15:00 - 09:30
יום ד' 22:00 - 15:30
יום ד' 22:00 - 16:30
יום ה' 22:00 - 15:30
יום ו' 15:00 - 08:30

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